LIFE Mastery

LIFE Mastery is a 12-week / 12-Module interactive, online course that helps participants create any life they choose by helping them take control of their mind and the reality it creates. If, as Wallace Steven claims “We LIVE in the MIND.”, then what could be more important than understanding and mastering your mind?

“Man isn’t disturbed by the things that happen to him…
But rather by his opinion of the things that happen.”


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Created by Mark Fournier

THE MASTERY SERIES is an ever-expanding collection of online courses and curriculum created by the world-renown Center for Empowerment for the purpose of providing participants with absolute, unwavering, ‘mastery’ over the empowering topics we cover.

The art & science of true MASTERY goes beyond mere knowledge and understanding. Mastery permanently transforms the master. Mastery is realized when the insights gained have become such an automatic way of being that the student no longer needs to think about what they will do next, it simply happens on its own, like driving a car.

THE MASTERY SERIES uses a patented process known as PermaLearn™ to drive the insights, lessons, and principles we feature so deeply into the participants psyche that applying them on a daily basis becomes effortless and automatic.


The MASTERY courses available on this platform include:

  • LIFE Mastery (3 Module Course *July release)
  • MIND Mastery (6 Module Course)
  • SELF Mastery (6 Module Course)
  • HABIT Mastery (3 Module Course)
  • BALANCE Mastery (3 Module Course)
  • SELF Mastery Part 2 (6 Module Course)

With the following coming shortly after:

  • TIME Mastery
  • LEADERSHIP Mastery
  • HERO Mastery
  • HEALTH & FITNESS Mastery
  • SALES Mastery
  • STAGE & COMMUNICATION Mastery 1 (3 Module Course)
  • STAGE & COMMUNICATION Mastery 2 (3 Module Course)
  • STAGE & COMMUNICATION Mastery 3 (3 Module Course)
  • STAGE & COMMUNICATION Mastery 4 (3 Module Course)

With others to follow.